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The Organized Library will help you create the capability and the mechanism to organize, access, retrieve and disseminate information for your small business or your non-profit foundation. As library consultants, we work with ten person firms that are information intensive and assist large organizations in implementing an enterprise-wide solution to structuring their information.

The Organized Library builds many different types of libraries from a physical corporate library or a combination of onsite and electronic materials at a healthcare consulting firm to a virtual association library that will serve staff, customers, clients or members in the most productive way. We streamline libraries that are too large or the result of merger or downsizing. We resolve structural, strategic or marketing issues.

The Organized Library advises clients on determining the best future for their resource center with a needs assessment or information audit, recommend strategies for library turnaround when a library has been mismanaged or neglected over a period of time. Our library consultants conduct focus groups to determine what people really want (and don’t want) from their information resource.

The Organized Library also works with private collectors and retirement communities to set up and organize libraries that fit their specialized interests.

A library is a treasured intellectual asset. Let us help you obtain the most value from your library investment.

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