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I see The LifeStyle LibraryTM as having an enormous impact on the quality of life for everyone living in residential communities: intellectual stimulation, educational programs and informative speakers will enrich residents' lives immeasurably

Judith Tapiero,

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A growing product of The Organized Library is a tailored service we call The LifeStyle Library. Designed to help "build community" and attract new residents, The LifeStyle Library provides an opportunity for 55+ communities, resort/spa venues, recreational communities, luxury residence neighborhoods, and high-end condominiums to offer an amenity that is in strong demand – yet often overlooked by community planners.

For example, if yours is an "active lifestyle" community, residents' interests are not only physical (e.g., golf, tennis, swimming), but mental and intellectual, too. Providing them with The LifeStyle Library will help distinguish your residences from those available in other communities.

Depending on the kind of community your library intends to serve, The LifeStyle Library may include books, instructional videos, CDs, books on tape, magazines, newspapers and a whole host of additional resources that meet the unique needs of your residents, neighbors and other individuals who are hungry for information, education, and personal enrichment. In addition to providing the traditional resources of an in-community library, The LifeStyle Library may offer educational activities, book clubs, seminars, talks and instructional programs on a wide variety of topics – from feng shui to finance, boating to bridge.

Perhaps you already have a library, but there is no defined strategy for developing a quality collection or obtaining new materials. In fact, many such libraries become "dumping grounds" for books that are undesirable or very out-of-date. We create a system for organizing, managing and steadily updating resources to ensure maximum value to residents.

Some lifestyle communities may demand a state-of-the-art library, requiring the full-time services of a qualified librarian, while others could work with volunteers from the residential community, and still others may operate on the "honor system". Whatever the circumstance, each requires organization, structure, maintenance and constant updating to keep residents challenged, informed, educated and well served.

The LifeStyle Library a valuable resource, a distinctive amenity.

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