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- LifeStyle Library Is the Amenity for Active Adult Communities

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LifeStyle Library Is the New Amenity for Active Adult Communities

Libraries Stimulate the Minds of Aging Baby Boomers

BALTIMORE, Md., July 25, 2005 – The Organized Library today announces the launch of its new LifeStyle Library, an amenity developed for active adult communities to help address the mental well-being of people 55 and over living in communities where residents enjoy active lifestyles.

The LifeStyle Library complements physical fitness and social activities with library programs and services developed specifically for the interests of older, active adults. Active adult community amenity packages typically include a variety of physical and social activities, though structured mental and intellectual stimulation is frequently overlooked. LifeStyle Library brings a fully functioning library service into the community with books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, computer resources and reading services tailored to the interests of community residents.  

“An active lifestyle is not only physical but also mental and social,” said Judith Tapiero, president of The Organized Library. “LifeStyle Library is a distinctive amenity which can help keep minds active and foster community activities. No other amenity can match the potential mental stimulation that a library offers.”

A LifeStyle Library installation provides traditional and electronic library services scaled to the size and interests of each community. Popular and best seller book and DVD selections are regularly refreshed with rotating collections. Magazines and newspapers are managed alongside computer-based information sources, giving community residents access to the latest financial, medical and special interest resources. A professional librarian manages each LifeStyle Library, ensuring that library programs such as reading clubs and author visits keep the library a diverse and intellectually stimulating amenity.

Developers and amenity managers will appreciate the ease at which a LifeStyle Library can be included in their communities. Once space and other requirements are agreed upon and ready, the LifeStyle Library team arrives to set up the library and its operations. Opening day is timed to coincide with the opening of other community amenities. LifeStyle Library and its parent firm, The Organized Library, manage library operations to ensure the service runs smoothly and efficiently.

“The Organized Library has been developing and maintaining our clients’ libraries for more than 20 years. We are experts in tailoring library collections and services to the demands of select audiences,” said Tapiero.

With mental well-being being recognized as one of the six dimensions of wellness for an aging population of baby boomers, developers of active adult communities and others cannot afford to overlook the intellectual and educational value LifeStyle Library adds to a community. Libraries have played an important role in the lives of the Baby Boomer generation, and they will continue to do so as this generation moves to active adult communities which feel like home. 

About The Organized Library 

Led by professional librarian, Judith Tapiero, The Organized Library excels in the science and art of building library collections for select clientele across the United States and internationally. Corporations, consulting firms, associations, non-profit groups, private collectors, foundations and others attribute their current libraries and associated information services to the organizational skills and management savvy of The Organized Library. Integrated into all their libraries are the latest information management technologies and electronic resource tools, providing easy access to library information to remotely located and nearby users alike. For more than 20 years The Organized Library has been called upon to consult on and to solve problems which are unique to these specialized libraries. Tapiero is recognized by her peers as an expert in building library collections. She is an active member of the American Library Association and the Special Libraries Association.

Judith Tapiero
Tel: 410-539-6585

Gerry Price, Marketing Director
Tel: 800-819-9320

Chris Olson
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